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Why Sweep

Why Sweep ?


There are many reasons that regular, frequent and thorough street sweeping is worth much more than simply aesthetics. Below are a few reasons to justify the relatively minimal expense of street sweeping. They are listed in what should be priority order (one being highest).

    1. Quality of Life:                                                               5. Trash Breeds Trash-Clean Areas

This is an intangible that is hard to put a                                          Stay Cleaner:

value on. How do you feel when you                                       A study by the Human Resources Institute found                        

take a walk in your neighborhood or                                        that "People had little or no objection to

just go to the mail box? Does your street                                 discarding litter in dirty or littered areas" "They also

add to or take away from the enjoyment                                  tended to litter where others are responsible for

of  relaxing in the front yard? After                                           cleaning up" "It appears that once litter accumulates

paying top dollar for housing in Nevada,                                   a reduction in civic pride follows" ( as if we needed

how does your street impact the                                               another study to document the obvious )

enjoyment of your investment?                                               

                                                                                                  6. Reduces Liability and Injury:

   2. Aesthetics, Good Looks and                                          Small objects have been known to cause trips and

       General Appearance:                                                     falls. Slippery slime, the result of standing water in the

This is many times the first and sometimes                                 gutters, can also be a hazard (even if swept daily) a

only reason people will list. This narrow                                     regular and frequent schedule does show due diligence

view can lead to penny wise, but dollar                                     and can reduce the chance of being charged with

foolish decisions regarding sweeping and                                   negligence. If your kids play ball in the streets, regular

pavement maintenance.                                                             sweeping may impact your annual band-aid consumption

                                                                                                by reducing the slips,falls,scraped knees and elbows.

   3. Reduces Debris Tracking into                                       ( and don't forget the torn jeans.)

       Garages and Homes:    

"Bobby, wipe your feet !!!" Sounds familiar?                                  7. Sanitation:

Sometimes it would be nice to also wipe                                    Think about it, 8 cycles of trash, garbage and rotting

your cars "feet" before tracking the black                                   vegetation in the gutters and corners can be a health

dirt into the garage. Sweeping can be the                                    issue. Kids play in and pick up all sorts of objects!

next best thing to car size door mat.                                           ( In fact, you probably don't want to know the types

Shopping mall operators have long realized                                of things that we pick up in our sweepers)

the impact that tracked-in dirt has on

reducing the life of carpet & tile.                                                     8. Increased Asphalt Life:

                                                                                                 Gravel, landscape rock and sand ground into the street

  4. Increased Property Value:                                               by traffic hastens the crumbling or unraveling of the             

What impressions do potential buyers have                                 asphalt. A single piece of gravel driven over by a car

when driving thru your community? Is the                                    is pushed into the asphalt thus dislodging another piece of

new paint and beautiful landscaping spoiled                                 gravel. Now there are two pieces for the next car. Then

by the "YUCK" in the gutters? Can                                             four, than eight, and so on. Sweeping can decrease the

potential buyers feel and hear the grit under                                 frequency of expensive resurfacing and very expensive

their tires as they drive through looking for                                   repaving.

a new home?

Regular, Frequent And Thorough Street Sweeping Plays An Important Part

In Maintaining One Of An Association's Major Investments





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